About Me


As part of a creatively chaotic partnership by long-time best-friends and drop-outs from the corporate world, I am seeking to follow my passions, which include travel, photography and increasing friendships with so many inspirational people around the globe.

With so many interests and passions, it’s hard to pick a few, so we started with fashion and fashion accessorites, which can be viewed on our sister page ~ Cheeky Monkey by LiSa

Now its time to focus on my favourite things: Travel, Exploration, Wildlife and Photography!

A long time photography enthusiast, starting in the now old-fashioned film era, the last four years have provided me an opportunity to really expand my skills.  Since leaving the office-job, you can find me on the road for 2/3rds of the year, much to the chagrin of my cats!  I’ve visited many wonderful places, but it’s India that has captured my soul and I’ve spent 2 of the last four years forging new friendships and experiencing a myriad of unexpected and wonderful Moments in India.

For the last two years, I’ve been taking friends, family and friends of friends on custom-designed tours of this amazingly complex and fascinating country and hope to continue to do so, as I return for new experiences, our purchasing jaunts, and of course photography.

Come Travel and Explore India with Me ~ It Ain’t No Tour Bus Experience!