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The next trips to India are planned for the Fall of this year, and the Spring of next.  If you are interested in a personalized trip to India, getting a glimpse of a more authentic experience than you would have in a large group, drop me a line.  I will take a minimum of one and a maximum of six people on each tour (a larger pre-arranged group of friends/family by you could be possible), so customized trips are absolutely possible!

The suggested tours are designed to show you a variety of experiences in this fabulous country as well as what I love best — the Wild Places of India.   For an example about my travel style, check out my more recent India photo blogs.

You will be accompanied by myself, and for wildlife portions an experienced, English-speaking wildlife naturalist.  In my experience, I’ve found that invaluable in providing the best possible experience in the jungles, as many of the local guides (but not all) are not able to provide what I’m looking for — the best photography opportunities (which are so often fleeting in Wildlife Candid Camera), as well as exceptional knowledge of birds, animals and habitats of the jungles.

Navigating this often bewildering, and completely foreign country can be difficult for the first-time visitor, even if you are well-travelled.  If you prefer to travel on your own, we are happy to arrange your tour for you, but would recommend a partial escorted tour. In that event, I would meet you in Delhi or Mumbai, spend a few days showing you the city, getting your Indian phone SIM card and helping you understand how to get the most out of your trip as you head off on your own.  You can also contact me while you are doing so if you run into any issues.  While I absolutely would recommend you travel with us for Wildlife, it is possible to have a good experience on your own in the parks, but if you love wildlife, that would mean an increased expense at one of the few luxury-end lodges.

If you want to see why I’ve fallen in love with Incredible India; if you want to avoid the mass-produced, commission shopping, tour-bus-style travel; then take a look some ideas in my Itinerary ideas.

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