Sample India Itineraries

The following proposed itineraries are subject to change and of course customizable if you prefer to travel with your own group.  Group size is a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 6, however if it is your own group of people, an increase in the max number will be considered.

The example itineraries are designed for a three week adventure, from Sunday to Sunday, but can easily be added to, or reduced for customized trips.  As well, prices are based upon an escorted travel. These adventures can be adjusted for unescorted, either partially or wholly if desired.  Where possible, and given your travel time, we’ll try to factor in one of India’s many and wonderful festival experiences.

(most flights from North America: departures from N.A. are usually in the evening, arriving 1-2 calendar days later , i.e, leave Toronto 7pm Friday, arrive 11pm Saturday; depart from India very early in the morning, arriving same day in N.A., i.e., leave Delhi at 1am Sunday, arrive Toronto 3pm Sunday).

Accomodation is safe and clean but varied, with a mix of homestays (India’s version of a Bed & Breakfast), heritage properties, boutique hotels and jungle camps.  Where possible, we avoid big chain hotels, or business-type hotels.  All places are familiar to me, and in some instances (particularily the jungle lodges) the owners are personal friends.  Your travel level can of course be raised to a Maharaja and Maharana level very easily in this country if you’d like to experience the unparalleled level of luxury available in India.


Adventure No1:  Exploring Central India

Your adventure begins in Delhi and travels through the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and the famed Rajasthan.  You’ll experience a mix of wildlife adventures; the fascinating historical palaces and forts of Rajasthan; explore the backstreets of Delhi; stare in wonder at the Taj Mahal; try your hand at Indian cooking; and go shopping in Delhi where the diplomats and expats shop. You’ll be experiencing many modes of transport — plane, boat, car, elephant, camel, rickshaw and Tuk Tuk.  This trip includes planned visits to a total of 8 Unesco World Heritage Sites!

  • Duration: 21 nights
  • Priced From: Per Person, based on 2 people sharing $6000
    (single supplement applies, unless you wish to share with another single if available)

View the Sample Itinerary Here


Adventure No2:  Camels, Castles & Critters!

This adventure takes you to Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.  You’ll experience the chaos, colour and wonder of the Pushkar Camel Fair; go birding in a Unesco World Heritage park, filled with migrating birds; try your hand at Indian cooking; explore the massive sprawling cities of Mumbai and Delhi; explore wonderful heritage palaces and forts.  You’ll be moving around by car, train, plane, rickshaw, boat, camel, elephant and tuk tuk.  At total of 12 Unesco World Heritage Sites are planned for in this trip!

  • Duration: 21 nights
  • Priced From: Per Person, based on 2 people sharing $6400
    (single supplement applies, unless you wish to share with another single)

View the Sample Itinerary Here